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Also known as DARE.
Big dreams of mine to be fulfilled. Dare to dream, always.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

23 Feb 

went to Malaysia to do some shopping, also to fulfill my crave for this "BlackBall" bubble tea located at KSL.
But my sis told me that there's also "BlackBall" shop in Singapore, located at Clementi Mall. LOL.

 On that same day, i had this waffle cone double scoop Baskin Robbin's ice-cream also.

reading through my last post, i realised that its almost 2 mths since i last blogged. lol. coz i am busy at the moment. had been assigned by my unit to take the class 4 license. it took me 2 mths to pick up the skill and 2 attempts to be a qualified class 4 driver. lol.

and as promised, today is my off day. had been slacking at home till 4pm before i decided to get my lazy ass out of the house. i went to do some short cycling at the nearby pcn.
and i was happy that i broke my own record.. YES! managed to maintain the speed of 32km/h from punggol end back to my place! but its really really tiring. :/

i was lucky to see the C-17 today! my second time seeing the C-17 near punggol beach. actually i am not 100% sure if its the C17. but by the build and appearance of that plane, i am quite certain that it was becoz no other plane fits the build!

reporting to mandai camp tml!
and the remaining days back to - - - - - - is even shorter alr! >.<
9:10 PM

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Busy with "work" thus unable to blog!
had been going through a lot of shit recently.. endless of threaten, contradiction and unreasonable request which made me sick and tired. 
To make things worse, i did not get marksman which means $200 fly away. grats to my friends who gotten marksman in the shoot! i hope there are re-shoot for those who didnt make it.

after every thing, it made me start to appreciate the small little things i have/had... and i swear im gonna do whatever i told my friends about if i have kids in the future when they tell me they wanna join ..... lol.

But im lucky to have friends that i can talk to.. :)

Decided that i need to buy some presents (for my bday and x'mas!) that can somewhat cheer myself up!

 I would say this is my new gf, Agnes :)
wanted it for quite some time alr.

Burberry and CK perfume that i always wanted.
ck one summer is my fav!

A new pair of nudie (on the right) 
i wanted 16 dips tube kelly but it wasnt available and i gotten this 16 dips tape ted! this photo was just a comparison between the worn and new nudie.

and without fail...
photos of super cars. 
I guess i will go more hardcore to spot these cars when i own a 600D/60D 
 I was lucky to get this pan perfect! [for a beginner] 
the best pan i took among the M5 F10, E-class coupe and Bentley GTC..
correct shutter, correct motion and the right luck! :)

Edited this photo just as to bring out the focus of the photo. 
posted this on one of the fb's exotic car grp and the caption was : "hurtling to pursue a dream"
like what im always doing. im almost 25% to own my dream..

 Saw this lotus in a lonely night while i was cycling through the hearts of Singapore.
i was cycling overnight to find the people who are going to P.O.P on the 5th Jan 2013.

 i was cycling with Aric and Yeow Dong. the Air Force people less me.. damn..
went to find Leon, i was unable to find khee huat, i guess he had fallen out/left early after the parade. 

 My poly mates
***Hey, Lewis was the Platoon Best Rec for Whiskey coy!***
the thick and thin, happy and frustrated moments, i went through with them were indeed memorable.

 The CK warrior! LOL. 
also in stagmont camp now going through basic signals course.

 Last but not least, Wenan

congratulate all those who POP-ed and embarking on their new journey!
fairytales? i must be thinking too much.
1:57 AM

Saturday, December 15, 2012

~ 15 December ~
a fun road trip with the dudes

A simple belated birthday celebration with these dudes.
the grill fish set i had @ kenny rogers, holland village. i know it lol to have grill fish set ad kenny rogers when their specialties were chicken.. but im kind of lazy to get rid of the bones..
simple lunch yet happy!

Went to ikea tampines after the lunch at Kenny Roger.
definitely good to spend quality time like this.

Left : Junjun's fit           Right : Gnin's jazz
this photo was very well take thus liking it very much
i even set it as my fb's cover photo.

i took this photo! 
look at that expression on junjun's face when the 2 "snakes" were on his chest. hmmmm..

Random photos of the car
the new M6.
i saw this near Marriot Hotel!
the V8 twin turbo under its hood churns 560hp.

 M5 F10
similar to the M6, it is also a V8 twin turbo that churns 560hp!
i hope i can own one of these supercars soon. 
this photo was taken with gnin's 7D with a wide angle lens.

 i brought my aventador out for a shoot. happened to see rainbow near changi coastal road.
the rainbow was a lil too faint in this photo

Last but not least..
I finally saw a Phantom drophead with my own eyes.
not really a fan of RR but yeah, its exotic and expensive!
9:57 PM

Friday, December 14, 2012

5:47 PM

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gonna be a long post!

Browsed through my hdd and found some pictures that were taken during my oitp!
something that really remind me of what's happiness beyond words. 

just some shots taken by me.

After graduated from poly, i went to Hong Kong with my sec sch friends. something that I really look fwd to to do again after I ord! (sadly, 1.5yrs more.) :/

A unique cooper that i spotted in Hong Kong!

The bridge towards HK Airport. I can still rmb that I had a lot of thoughts that were hurtling in my mind during the ride. its really like what they showed in the hk dramas where the actresses were thinking of blah blah blah....

18 Nov 2012
A usual meet up with these mates at Nex. watched skyfall. I thought i was watching musical! lol.
dont know why there were so much singing in the intro part after james bond got shot and drop into a river. 
oh, and ives is finally in army! check out the after-confinement botak head. LOL.

24 Nov 2012
met up with my bmt mates at eastpoint today!
initially we wanted 18 chef but it was all reserved. so we went to BBQ chicken.
the food was ok but the portion wasnt really enough for a big eater like me... lol.

Like always, not forgetting a grp shot. lol.
its nice to meet up and share what we are doing now. 
[L - R] My bunk mates are 
Alex currently at OCS Air wing.
Teck Lee currently rp in training.
Myself currently at signals. 
and lastly, Jabir currently training to be mp! 

14 Nov - 28 Nov
I actually pen what im going to post when I was in camp.

141112 @ 2021
had a long day of lesson and this is driving me nuts. Especially during that faggot's lesson. He is damn rude, loud and uncivilized! come on.. jokes you crack wasnt funny at all, not even a single bit.. Im damn frustrated with your actions and yet i cant do anything! fml..

211112 @ 0905
Mind filled with lots and lots of thoughts except what is happening at my surrounding. The one and only thing im looking forward to... BOOK OUT DAY! 3 more days!

261112 @ 2058
Just done chatting with mum.. I received a good news. One of the missing parts in my model kit was really sent to me as promised by Revell. Thumbs up! I cant wait to see the parcel in person on friday! ^^ something that made my day! :)

And.. Earlier on today, I just completed a test. I think I'll do reasonably well. Before the test, the instructor had a "deal" with my plt. he promised us that those who scored more than 80% in the test will book out 1 hour earlier on friday! :) and imptly, I think i will be able to make it!

281112 @ 2106
Nights out day! I woke up in the morning with this mindset and indeed the day was really short.. Weather aint on our side when we were booking out at evening. we had to wait till the rain stops, which was roughly 6:45pm before i left the camp.. I finally had durians.. Yes durians! lol.. I did something quite crazy with my bunk mates.. we bought durians at a market nearby and we had it under void deck... lol. Chit chat over a cup of pokka green tea and durains under void deck was something new and unique! lol. Of course, we did not forget to tidy the area up before we left..

1 Dec
got my weekly dose of milk tea! woohoo! it keeps me running and feel motivated when im in camp. :)
At the blink of an eye, Im left with last 1.5 weeks in Signals Institute, i hate the feeling of being separated from friends again. Im going to be posted out to my unit on 11 Dec and I will leave current camp mates and to make new ones at my new unit. x.x

WOO~! I finally see this parcel from Revell in person. They finally mailed me the missing part. and its all the way from Germany!

the content inside the parcel. YAY! i finally got the missing replacement set! i was damn happy when i saw it! :)

I bought this kit from HK.. and yes, luck wasnt on my side coz there were 2 of the same piece in the box.. i didnt realise until i was back in Singapore. when i found out, i immediately email Revell regarding this issue. My first attempt on getting the replacement didnt succeed. and i tried again after a few mths.. and yes! my replacement came! :)
-A complete set of B-2 Spirit-

Random photos.. 

11:48 PM

Friday, November 16, 2012

I was looking through my fb's photos and
those were the happiest days in my life..
it warm me up frm the inside, deep down.

 days i spent with my poly mates..

 I remembered this photo.. while we were hanging on the protruding dragon head to take this shot,
a man from the management office came and tell us not to hang on the protruding thing coz it may break off. but he only did that when we were done with the photo.. he waited for us at a side while we took this shot.. if it were to break, it would already be broken during the take! LOL.

 yeap.. SP's engineering show.. definitely something that I'll rmb for my life.. 
the first time i saw you smile, and that smile gave me the courage to talk to you ltr that day. :)

Enjoying myself away in HongKong before i enlisted! just look at the stuff we bought. im not that rich though. 

if i nvr remember the place wrongly, this is at victoria habour, hongkong.
the real smile that came from the bottom of my heart..

I believe, if i want a thing bad enough
and.. i work hard for it,
I will make the thing possible.
so just wait.. :)
11:59 PM

Saturday, November 10, 2012

evo in the neighbourhood! one of my favorite jdm cars! 

taking some random shots of my rc car.. the sls and 458 italia

look at this cat's glare? Fierce isnt it..
but it ran away when i wanted to take some closer shots.. :/


When a horse meets another. [Porsche Boxster and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti]
i was lucky to get this shot (from 13th storey). but it will be even greater if its closer.

When im bored.. lol. i drew and colour raikou & suicune.
but i doubt i will be so free to do this again. at least not for the moment..

Finally... a new Harddisk! Its after a very long consideration
im in need of a hdd since poly yr 2, mainly to back up my files and also to store movies..
with this, i can re-format my lappy! :)

Went over to miniature hobby over the weekend.. and im really really tempted to buy this home!
one of my all time favourite bomber.. 
it isnt cheap at all! it cost over a hundred dollar.. im thinking damn hard if i should get this!

#1 - Audi R8
try to "photoshoot" the model car with my iPhone 4.. i think its reasonably well taken..
though the pic is a lil grainy.. 
#2- Ferrari 458 Italia

#3 - Lamborghini Aventador
i really wonder how people earn their supercar. what else these people put in besides effort?
the outcome isnt equal to the input of your effort.

-England's pride-
spotted 2 Aston Martin Vantage today! 
one black, one white.

im tempted to buy the iPad mini! how?

End for today, 10 Nov 2012

01 Nov 2012 @ 20:08
Yes, i wrote this paragraph on a exercise book in camp..

I participated my first exercise in Stagmont Camp 2 days ago. It was relatively a good one. I didnt really believed that the radio set im dealing with was so "powerful". A certain portion of the exercise was damn boring and frustrating la! its a one way comm, meaning to say, only one is allow to transmit at a time.. and it was frustrating becoz the reception wasnt that strong for my buddy in outfield. I gotta repeat a few times at some time before they can partially catch the instructions. 

 We had a debrief after the exercise and off i went for admin time. (the most look fwd to time when im in camp)

Yeah! my first nights out ytd. feel good to be in the civilian world during weekdays! hope to have more nights out in the remaining time i have in S.I

06 Nov 2012 @ 18:01

CCNA test today. did reasonably well for the test, taking consideration that i only read through a day beofre the test. :P and.. i saw andiekah in S.I today, he is currently an oct (up there la). according to him, he is in S.I to learn some basics of signalling.  hope to see you commission as a 2lt.., with alex and edmund.

on a side note, I envy my friends who go ocs.. I could have make it to ocs, Air wing (sign on as ME4) if i went for sit test. My only fighting chance was taken away by the "outbreak" of sore eyes during the field camp/sit test week. damn~~

I am actually waiting for R.O now and will continue to study wcf ltr. i've got another test tml! 
TEST.. TEST.. TEST! sian.. 
11:59 PM


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